What makes COMMEMO different from other custom photo books?
A COMMEMO is heartfelt book of words, tributes, stories, and photos from a group of people. Photos are just the icing on the cake -- the heartbeat of our books are the sentiments and stories written by friends and family. Think of it as a supercharged group card. We are also different in that our platform is collaborative as many people as you choose can participate. The designs are already provided, relieving the host of the countless hours spent formatting. When friends and family submit their messages our platform auto-generates the pages instantly --simplifying the process for everyone.
Who should I give a COMMEMO to?
A COMMEMO can be used for a birthday, graduation, or retirement gift. It is also a great way to commemorate a group trip. In addition it can be used for words of advice for a newly married couple or soon to be parents. A COMMEMO can be used to express condolences for the loss of a loved one or as a place for words of encouragement for a friend battling an illness. It can be a group gift for a teacher or coach. A COMMEMO can also be just because we want someone to know how important they are to us.
Can two individuals host a COMMEMO?
Yes. After you complete the initial book set up you can then go to the contribution page of your book and scroll over the three dots at the top of the page next to the lock icon. Select “Manage Co-Hosts”, and then add any individuals you would like to co-host the book with you.
How do I invite family and friends to contribute to the COMMEMO?
Once you have set up your COMMEMO preferences, the website will provide you with a link that you can then send to participants via text, email, or social media.
Is there a page limit for my COMMEMO book?
The minimum number of pages required to bind a book is 20. The standard COMMEMO book includes 40 pages but can be increased up to 200 pages. After 40 pages we charge $3 for every additional 5 pages. You may also upgrade to foil lettering on the cover for $10.
How far in advance should I start my COMMEMO book?
If possible, we suggest starting the book three to four weeks before the book is needed. Collaboration takes about 7-10 days, the host might take a day or two to edit and order the book, and 10-14 business days to print, ship and receive your personalized book. Of course you can shorten the amount of time given to friends and family to contribute if you are on a time crunch.
How far in advance should I order my book?
You should make your purchase a minimum of 16 days before you need the book in hand if you use economy shipping. You should order a minimum of 12 days before you need the book in hand if selecting priority. Our website has a date picker that can be found when you start a book to help you determine your deadlines.
How do I edit my response?
In order to edit a response you must create a COMMEMO account using the email associated with your contribution. Once you have created your account, log-in, click on the book you contributed to, and then click on your name. You will then click on the pencil icon to edit or delete your submission. Make sure you then save your changes by clicking the save button. Individual contributors can only edit their own responses. The COMMEMO host is able to edit all photos and submissions contributed to the book.
Can I change the order of the pages?
The pages generally populate in order of responses received. The host has the ability to rearrange page order and then save these changes. Simply open your book, click on the word “pages” toward the top of the screen, and then click and drag pages into any order you would like. Frequently click on the save button at the bottom of the page to make sure your changes are not lost.
Can I change the design theme after I’ve already started the book?
Yes you can change the design; however, make sure you finalize your design choice before you rearrange the page order of your book. Changing the design will change the order of the responses and photos as all designs do not have the same layout. Design change can be made up until you submit your book order. To change the design theme log-into your account. Open the book that you would like to edit. Click on the three dots in the top right corner of the page, next to the lock symbol. Then click 'edit details'. Your theme options will then immediately be displayed. Click on the design theme you would like to use. Then scroll to the bottom of the page and click 'save'.
What if I don’t like the design my contribution landed on?
Only the host of the book can make layout changes. They can click on the individual page, then click on the pencil icon beneath the page image, and then click rerender. This will shuffle the message or photo to another template within the design theme. Consider that some layouts are only compatible with shorter messages and some with longer messages.
What if I don’t like pictures that were paired together?
The host of the book can rearrange the order of the pages, change design template, and photo combinations. Keep in mind that when you attempt to combine two photos on one page, both photos must be the same orientation for them to be on the same page. For example two portrait photos or two landscape photos can be together, but not a portrait and a landscape. This is simply because of the aesthetics of our current templates it may change in the future. To do this the contributor or host must log into their account then select the page with the photo layout they would like to change. Once they click on the page there will be options below and you can either split it into single photo pages or pair it with a different photo.
Can more copies of the COMMEMO be ordered by other friends or family members?
Yes, once the host has approved and initiated the first order of the book any contributor with the link or QR code to the COMMEMO can then go to the website and order their own copy of the book.
My kids have gotten smudges and dirt on my COMMEMO, how can I clean it?
Fun fact, a Magic Eraser takes nearly anything off of the cover of your white COMMEMO book.

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